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mOdus hotel works together with Karin Dom Foundation to help chidren with severe disabilities.

Karin Dom (the house of Karin) is a medical facility where between 140 - 150 children with serious, 
physical, mental and behavioral disorder are being taken care of. 
As a guest of mOdus hotel you could make a difference donating 1 Euro on top of your regular bill. 
In the end of each month mOdus hotel will match your donations and pay the money into the back account 
of Karin Dom Foundation. The donation is not compulsory.

We are also offering charity accommodation packages.

The price of our charity packages is calculated on the basis of our reception rates multiplied by two. 
The idea of this calculation is that our guests is donating the amount he usually pays for accommodation, 
while the hotel donates the profit from selling the room.
The package includes one night accommodation in your chosen room type, optional transfer to and from   
Karin Dom, breakfast, free use of high-speed wireless internet, fitness, sauna and all taxes.


The prices are as follows:


October - March    
Single room EUR 180
Double room EUR 200
S apartment EUR 260
M apartment EUR 360
L apartment EUR 440




April - September    
Single room EUR 220
Double room EUR 240
S apartment EUR 300
M apartment EUR 400
L apartment EUR 480



Should you wish to donate a bigger amount of money, please let us know.

For more information about Karin Dom, please follow the link: Karin Dom.